Healthcare Law

Healthcare Law

Healthcare is one of the largest industries in America, with providers faced with incredible management challenges as they strive to bring quality, effective health services to enormous numbers of patients who depend on these providers for their health and welfare.

When legal entanglements do arise, hospitals and other healthcare providers are faced with the difficult task of dealing with the complex business of providing medical services while simultaneously attempting to deal with unfamiliar legal issues. Skilled legal representation is far and away the most effective way to handle legal disputes, allowing your organization to focus on providing healthcare while legal professionals address any litigation or other challenges.

How We Can Help

Medical service providers can run across a huge range of legal challenges, and all of them must be competently and swiftly addressed if business is to continue running as usual. Our legal team has a wealth of experience in medical law and can help you resolve any of the following issues, among others:

  • Medical fraud and abuse
  • Obtaining licenses and accreditation
  • Hospital rules, bylaws, and regulations
  • Compliance with E-healthcare
  • Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement
  • Physician contracts

These and other specific areas of healthcare law require the attention of an experienced professional familiar with managing the unique legal challenges they present.

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At Young, Cotter & Meade, LLC, our legal team is committed to protecting the rights and interests of our healthcare clients in the face of any kind of legal challenge. Whether you are seeking licenses and accreditation for your staff and employees or facing litigation, our experienced attorneys can provide legal representation specifically tailored to the unique needs of your situation. To learn more about what we can do for you, call our offices today at (337) 376-2813.